Water Lane Primary praised by Ofsted in recent inspection

Education: Primary / Mon 17th Jul 2017 at 08:22am

Water Lane Primary

A HARLOW primary school has been praised by Ofsted after a recent inspection.

The government watchdog came to the school in June 2017.

The report states:

“Since the school has become an academy, the executive headteacher and the head of school have established a new teaching team and implemented secure and effective systems that have successfully raised standards and consequently improved pupils’ outcomes.

Leadership is enhanced through the school’s membership of REAch2 Academy Trust. The trust provides valuable support and challenge to leaders and teachers at all levels.

Recent actions to improve the teaching of reading, writing and mathematics have improved pupils’ learning in the early years and key stage 1 quickly. Pupils’ work shows that they are making good progress.

School leaders and teachers work well across the trust to ensure that assessment is accurate and that learning meets pupils’ needs.

Funding is used well to support disadvantaged pupils. They achieve well across the school and in line with other pupils nationally.

Leaders are developing middle leaders effectively in their roles as subject leaders. However, it is too early to fully see the impact of their work on improving pupils’ outcomes.

Vulnerable pupils, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, are well cared for. Staff ensure that they receive the support they need to make good progress.

Children in the early years have a good start to full time education. By the time they leave Reception they are ready for Year 1.

Staff and pupils are happy and work collaboratively together. Pupils demonstrate good learning behaviours.

Additional adults support pupils well to catch up and make good progress. However, teachers do not deploy them effectively so that all pupils make as much progress as they could.

Some teaching and learning is not as effective as it could be to ensure pupils, including the most able pupils, make accelerated progress to reach the higher standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

Teachers have not developed pupils’ problem- solving skills securely enough so that pupils can approach tasks that develop their deeper understanding of mathematics.

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