Chingford drug dealer gets five years after being snared in Sumners

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A DRUG dealer, who wasted an estimated £20,000 of police and NHS time after refusing to pass the drugs he had swallowed for 12 days, has been jailed for five years and two months.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how 23-year-old Paulo Alberghini also reversed into officers from the West Operation Raptor team as they tried to arrest him.

Officers were patrolling the Sumners estate in Harlow on Saturday March 25 this year when they spotted Alberghini’s black Smart car, which was known to be linked to drug supply in the town.

The car travelled along Broadley Road towards the roundabout at the junction with Water Lane when two police cars pulled up in front of and behind Alberghini’s vehicle, blocking him in.

As officers got out and approached the car, Alberghini reversed into the squad car behind before then driving around the one in front and onto the roundabout, forcing other motorists to swerve out of the way.

As officers pursued Alberghini he was seen putting things into his mouth and swallowing water.

Officers managed to stop the car where they found an empty Kinder egg pot, which is commonly used by drug dealers to conceal drugs, and £143 cash.

Alberghini of Hungerdown, Chingford was arrested and tests showed he had traces of Heroin and Crack Cocaine in his system. He was taken to hospital for his own safety because officers correctly believed he had swallowed the drugs.

After three days in hospital Alberghini was then taken into custody where he refused to pass the drugs for a further nine days. During the subsequent nine days he was in custody, Alberghini had to be monitored by officers 24-hours a day.

After 12-days in total he finally passed 22 wraps of the Class A drugs Crack Cocaine and Heroin.

He was charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and dangerous driving. He was jailed for five years two-months after admitting the charges at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday July 31.

Supt Jason Hendy of the West Local Policing Area said: “Despite the fact that Alberghini tested positive for Class A drugs whilst in custody he refused to pass the drugs he had swallowed.

“His arrogance meant that he wasted not only our time, as he had to be monitored 24-hours a day for the nine days he was in our custody, but he also wasted the bed and time of the NHS staff who looked after him for three days.

“I think taxpayers would agree that £20,000 would pay for a significant amount of frontline policing and NHS care.”

Sgt James Paget of the West Operation Raptor team, said: “Alberghini showed total disregard for the safety of our officers and other road users when he reversed into our vehicle and drove over a roundabout.

“However his efforts to evade us and to avoid passing his drugs, all proved fruitless and he now has more than five years behind bars to think about his reckless actions.

“If you are drug dealing in our county, Operation Raptor will be knocking on your door very soon.”

Essex Police set up Operation Raptor teams in the North, South and West of the county to tackle drug and gang-related crime.

If you have information about drug or gang-related crime in your community, call Essex Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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