Essex Police may re-examine “racial taunts” at The Stow

Crime / Wed 2nd Aug 2017 at 06:59am

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ESSEX Police have confirmed that they may re-examine racist taunts used during the incident at The Stow that led to the unlawful killing of Arek Jozwik by a teenager.

On Tuesday July 26th, a witness in the Arek Jozwil manslaughter trial stated that one of the Polish men had called one of the teenagers, “a black ni@@@r”.

The next day, the sixteen-year-old, who would eventually be found guilty of manslaughter, also described similar racial taunts being made.

The first male stated that it was the “man in the red top”. He would later be identified as a man called Radek Koscelski.

On the first day of the attack, Essex Police said that one of their lines of investigation was to establish whether a hate crime had occurred.

At that moment, the investigation became dominated by the “Brexit murder” tag with the world’s media descending on The Stow. Politicians both local, national and international all joined in a chorus of condemnation.

There was also a vigil and march from The Stow to the town, aimed at showing that Harlow was a united town.

But many local people asked whether an actual hate crime had occurred, that is to say, was one of the motivating factors behind the killing, race hate. Soon after, Essex Police discounted that as a line of inquiry.

Which takes us back to the the testimony of the two teenagers at Chelmsford Crown Court.

So, we asked Essex Police a question.

Q. One of the witnesses in the Arek Jozwik trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, testified that one of the Polish males (referred to as Red Top) racially abused one of the group. What action did you take on receipt of that statement?

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “This aspect of the case was considered, although given the seriousness of the incident, investigating the death of Mr Jozwik and to get to the truth of what happened was our primary focus.

During the investigation these comments were explored and there was insufficient evidence to take this forward.

“However now that the trial has concluded it would be right to review the current situation and consider taking the matter forward”.

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