High praise for Cooks Spinney Primary in Ofsted report

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 6th Sep 2017 at 04:59pm

COOKS Spinney Primary has been highly praised by government watchdog Ofsted in a recent school inspection.

The school, which is part of the Burnt Mill Academy Trust, was visited at the end of last term.

The report states:

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and Nursery has improved significantly in the recent past.

Pupils’ preparation for the next stage of their education is strong. Year 6 national test results in 2016 were outstanding. The school succeeds in its aim to equip pupils with the social, literacy and numeracy skills to thrive.

Pupils’ progress is good overall and attainment is rising. However, the most able pupils, including the most able disadvantaged pupils, are not challenged well in some classes.

School leaders, working closely with the trust, are changing the culture of the school. Pupils increasingly realise that traits such as resilience and effort lead to success.

They are aspirational for the future.

School leaders, including the local advisory board, have an accurate grasp of the school’s strengths and of the areas which need to improve further.

Teachers regularly check pupils’ progress in reading, writing and mathematics, to see if pupils do well, explain how they can improve and encourage them to respond. Checks in other subjects do not have the same impact.

Although the quality of teaching is good overall, recent improvements need longer to become fully established.

Parents agree that their children feel happy, safe and well cared for in school.

Pupils’ behaviour is good overall and they respond positively to the school’s reward system.

Children make good progress in the early years and are well prepared for Year 1. However, activities are not always matched to children’s prior attainment. Some tasks given to the most able, for example, lack sufficient challenge.

Parents are generally positive about the school. Many who spoke to inspectors praised the recent improvements.

We will be getting reaction from staff and parents in due course.

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