When is a hate crime, not a hate crime?

Crime / Thu 21st Sep 2017 at 10:39am

Stow B

IN many ways, we are tying up the loose ends of the Arek Jozwik killing and in many ways, we feel it may be time not move on.

However, when we were reporting on the trial in Chelmsford last month, we heard two witnesses testify that the deceased and his colleague, issued a number of racist taunts against one or more of the group of youths in The Stow.

When we asked Essex Police about these taunts and whether they were being investigated as hate crimes, we were told that they may look at it again.

But a few days after that, we asked Essex Police if they had actually registered it as a hate crime. The answer was no.

It appears that the family of one of the group just wanted to move on.

It just seemed strange to us that it wouldn’t be even marked down as an incident.

The authorities had given a great deal of publicity to the fact that they had all theses hate crime reporting centres and all these hate crime ambassadors.

You also wondered how many other hate crimes are not being marked down as hate crimes for political reasons and vice-versa.

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