Freshwaters Academy wish Harlow, Happy 70th birthday

Fresh 70th

Happy birthday to you, Harlow!

Pupils in Year 1 to 6 at Freshwaters Primary Academy held a musical celebration to mark their town’s anniversary.

Parents enjoyed a concert put on by pupils, including performances of Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and the national anthem.

Children read out poems on what Harlow means to them and a tree, donated by Linden Homes, was planted to mark the occasion.

Money was raised for the school through refreshments and entertainment stalls hosted by the PTA.

Teacher Jacinta Addison said: “We wanted our children to celebrate their home town turning 70 and to be a part of the community events happening throughout the anniversary year.”

Head of school Teresa Avey said: “We feel it is important children feel proud of and celebrate their home town. Harlow has fantastic facilities and there are great opportunities available to everyone who grows up here.

“The children really enjoyed marking Harlow turning 70 in this patriotic way and it was lovely to see all the children and parents come together to take part.”

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