Carters Mead residents make citizens arrests as teenage yobs run riot

Crime / Wed 22nd Nov 2017 at 08:38am


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CARTERS Mead residents were not prepared to wait hours for the police to attend when they were besieged by teenage yobs.

It is alleged that a number of youths started to smash the lights out of new LED lampposts that had just been installed by Essex County Council.

Neighbours also claimed to have seem the youths take “pot shots” at the windows of houses putting many of the residents in a state of fear and alarm.

Residents detained a youth but it appears that it took well over an hour for a police unit to attend.

Recently a Harlow police officer admitted that on one night there was just “one deployable police officer” for 80,000 people.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Police received reports of criminal damage in Carters Mead, Harlow, at around 9.10pm (Thursday, November 16).

“Officers received reports that three lamp post lights and a communal flat window were smashed by someone by firing stones from a catapult.

Members of the public detained a 17-year-old boy ahead of police arrival.

“He has been referred to the youth offending team for further action”.

YH spoke to Harlow Common councillor Mark Wilkinson. He said: “It does appear that there are a number of factors here that highlight how exposed Harlow residents are in the
light of the deep deep cuts”.

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2017-11-22 15:46:53

Wilkinson, shouldn't you be blaming the parents for these feral youths ? Of course not, they may be lefties,so, you may lose a vote or two. Shameful. Trust labour at your peril.

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