Essex Police order unlawful traveller encampment to leave

Crime / Sat 16th Dec 2017 at 04:26pm

a4141900 hrs

A large convoy of police vehicles have ushered the unlawful encampment out of Harlow.

Ten vehicles both marked and unmarked lined up on the A414 to see off the twenty or more caravans and cars.

Travellers Dec 17

Statement from Essex Police

“We were called with reports of an unauthorised traveller encampment on land at Coldharbour Road, Harlow, shortly after 9pm on Thursday December 14.

Officers attended to assess the site and liaised with Harlow Council and the travellers. The council issued notices to the travellers to leave.

We then received reports they had moved to land in London Road, Harlow, at about 2.45pm on Friday, December 15.

Officers assessed the site and continue to liaise with the council and the travellers.

We have today (Saturday December 16) issued a notice under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act informing them they must leave the location and we continue to monitor the site.

Officers are aware of reports of anti-social behaviour at the Marks Hall Sports Centre.

Chief Superintendent Sean O’Callaghan said: “Having assessed the impact of anti-social behaviour by people believed to be part of the unauthorised encampment, officers have attended the site and issued a notice to leave the site this evening.

“Essex Police continues to work in partnership with Harlow Council to resolve this matter.”

Officers have not been called to any specific incidents of public order or criminal damage offences.

“We will investigate any criminal activity associated with unauthorised encampments.

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