Purford Green and Potter Street writers are out of this world

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Young Writers Are Out of This World

REPORTS of UFOs and alien crash landings were the inspiration of the extraterrestrial-themed ‘Everybody Writes’ day, held at Purford Green Primary and Potter Street Academy recently.

Staff worked the evening before the event to set the scene of a UFO crash-landing in the schools’ grounds. When pupils arrived at school the next morning, they were asked to attend an ’emergency’ assembly. The pupils were told that the police had received reports overnight from local residents which related to sightings of bright lights hovering in the sky. One eyewitness claimed to have seen an object crashing down from the sky near to the schools.

Filled with enthusiasm and imagination, the pupils headed outside to help with the police investigation, examining the strange debris scattered across the school field. Younger pupils found what they believed to be a large pair of alien underpants in their classroom and came up with a variety of suggestions about how these may have got there. Students from Passmores Academy, in the guise of forensic scientists, were on hand to help with the investigations and answer the children’s many questions.

The stimulus was used as a fun way to encourage pupils to produce a range of writing which included stories, poems, reports and letters, and resulted in a buzz of excitement and creativity throughout the classrooms.

Developing children’s enjoyment of reading and writing is a priority for Emma Bloomfield, who is the Primary Lead for both schools. Miss Bloomfield said: ‘This is an example of how we use our links with the Passmores Trust to support and enhance our pupils’ learning. We know that when children take part in events and activities, they use their own experiences as inspiration for writing and this leads to development of their skills. There was plenty of discussion about what they had seen – even a week later, pupils from the Reception Class were still coming up to me talking about the alien underpants which were found in their classroom!’

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