Letter to Editor: The crime wave that has hit Church Langley

Crime / Thu 8th Nov 2018 am30 10:11am

Dear Harlow Council, Mr Halfon, Church Langley & Essex councillors.

Over the last three days starting at approximately 6pm on Monday Church Langley residents have been subject to a crime wave.

This involves two individuals on foot approaching cars and vans on driveways and being broken into. It’s apparent that these two individuals are not bothered about the amount they’re taking and will break in for anything from change, headphones to work-tools and property keys.

On 5/11/18 we caught a young male acting suspiciously by the side of my car. The car had its security lights on which indicates someone tried to open my car door which my wife had to approach alone. At this point I proceeded to contact 101 (none-emergency) whilst also adding it to the Church Langley residents Page on Facebook. Unfortunately 101 was so busy I was given a call back request. As we waited for a call back I witnessed the FB reports of cars being broken into, sightings and residents concerned for there property & safety. As the updates continued it was evident that an up to date timeline of mayhem and current locations were visible. I made a note of this to feedback to 101.

I waited a further 1hr 30mins before I received a call back at which point I gave all the information and current locations. I was informed at the time that the case would be filed with no further action and if I could provide CCTV with a clear face this would reopen the case. CCTV was given by a neighbour.

Forward to today (Wednesday 7th, November 2018) Church Langley has had a third day of possible sittings of the same individuals and crime with no evidence of high visibility police and I fear we will spend a further night of worry to whether we have transport, tools, equipment to attend work in the morning.

I invite you to visit ‘Join If You Live In Church Langley’ Facebook page where you can view for yourselves the concerns of over 2.1k residents reporting on the mayhem during this week.

One resident has said this is so bad that a suggestion of Church Langley funding our own Security Firm to patrol our community, referring to Frinton Sea Side Resort as a model.

Another number of residents are now patrolling the streets within their cars or on foot.

I would like to make it clear that this is not a complaint against our police force as they are clearly inadequately supported financially and do not have the capacity to deal with such an incident.

What I do want to know is what you as an MP, elected councillors and council are doing now, today to stop this criminal activity which is impacting the whole of Church Langley from Tesco’s to Ridgeways.


Mr P Liddle
Church Langley Resident

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: The crime wave that has hit Church Langley:

2018-11-08 10:36:03

If you can get these police officers out of their beloved vehicles, you may get some policing done.

2018-11-08 10:44:05

I share your concerns but it not just CL but the country as a whole which is witnessed by looking at national news and seeing the ages of youths charged with stabbings,car theft etc, but one thing puzzles me why did nobody on the group call 999.

2018-11-10 06:17:33

This sort of anti social behaviour is not just happening in Church Langley, it's happen in other ward's of Harlow too. I do sympathise with the residents in Church Langley who are experiencing this type of anti social behaviour because it happens here in Bush fair quit a lot too. When was i young, street light coming on was sign to get indoors. That form of discipline no longer exist in some families and youngsters these days.

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