Princess Alexandra Hospital receives multi-million pound cash boost

Health / Fri 7th Dec 2018 at 02:00pm

TODAY, Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow has been awarded £9.5 million of Government investment to provide additional beds for patients.

This money is part of the £1 billion of capital funding being announced across the country and on top of the £20.5 billion/year extra funding being given to our NHS over the next five years. This is the largest and longest funding settlement in the history of the NHS.

MP for Harlow, Robert Halfon commented,

“Day in, day out, I’ve been working hard for Harlow to get more money for our wonderful Princess Alexandra Hospital. Whilst I’m also campaigning hard for a new hospital, I’m very glad the Government have given another £9.5 million to invest in our NHS.

Harlow hospital has amongst the highest use, per head of the population it serves, in the country so this expansion will make a massive difference to the residents who need it most.

There is an umbilical cord between the British people and our National Health Service.

I will keep up the hard work to campaign for the new hospital Harlow needs to bring health care into the 21st Century and I welcome this latest investment in Harlow by the Government.”

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2 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital receives multi-million pound cash boost:

2018-12-09 08:03:24

Thundering silence from Momentum, I wonder why?

2018-12-09 13:08:28

Like many residents I have been concerned about the rush to see a new hospital built on the eastern edge of Harlow and beyond and am still not convinced that a move from the present site is the best way forward. This new investment is welcome but the fact is, within 9 years the present site will be demolished and plans for 650 homes for sale will become a reality. To put this sum in perspective, the new Lister House doctors surgery which has involved changes to the road layout, getting gas,electricity and IT services on site and building a large car park has cost £7.5 million. All this is already on the PAH site of course so it does not take much imagination to see how far £9.5 million could go towards the start of building a new hospital on the present site. Add this to the recent spend at the entrance to the hospital and the other major work close to it and it seems this is just throwing money down the drain. When you then take into account the huge increase in traffic that is already going to take place along Gilden Way when thousands of homes are built nearby, adding just more traffic used by patients and visitors to a new hospital there does not care thinking about.

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