Harlow’s Destiny to skydive for Orphans in Need

Charity / Tue 19th Feb 2019 pm28 01:14pm

A HARLOW sixth-former is taking on a sky-dive for a very worthy cause.

Epping St John’s pupil, Destiny Ayliffe, aged 16, is diving on September 14th for Orphans in Need. She’s aiming to raise £365+ in order to sponsor an orphan for the year.

Destiny, who lives in the Staple Tye area, said: “My aim is to raise £365 before September so I can adopt an orphan for a whole year. This will insure that they have a safe place to be and sleep, food to eat, cloths to where, and a chance to go to school and build their future and this is for a year at least.

“It not only helps orphans but widows as well who struggle to provide for their children after their partner has suddenly died or left. I couldn’t think of a better more rewarding charity.

If you knows me you will know this is a massive challenge for me as I hate heights and planes and I’m terrified of both buut I also follow signs and believe everything happens for a reasons.

The 14th of September is a very painful memory for me and it’s a day where I thought my world was over and 14th of September in 2019 will mark the second year anniversary of me getting back on my feet, being myself again and loving myself and making sure what I do is for me and my further.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate that than to really help children and widows who face the end of their world daily, living day by day only wanting the best for their children. Everyone deserves to experience love and to have support throughout their life and I want to give a little girl this chance !

The charity has shown me the little girl I’ll will hopefully be adopting and she’s the cutest little thing ! She wants to be a teacher when she’s older just like me. It’s like it was meant to be. She’s ten years old and her mother died in 2011. I’d give anything to help this little girl even if it means working tireless over the next few months to raise as much money as I can for her and even if it means facing my biggest fears


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