Harlow’s Bounce wins Best Brand at International Fitness Showcase


THE UK’s largest annual fitness event , IFS in Blackpool, honoured ((BOUNCE)) with only one of two awards handed out during this three day fitness extravaganza.

Founder and CEO, Kimberlee Perry, explained why ((BOUNCE)) is such a success and why her brand stands head and shoulders above the rest:

“To create a workout would’ve been easy, but to build a BRAND takes an almighty amount of effort.

From the choreography, to the music, to the advertising, to the social media engagement and beyond, every stage of what ((BOUNCE)) does and achieves is carefully considered and thought out for maximum impact, maximum effect, and for maximum results.

It’s a collective effort and winning an award like this is shared by each and every individual from the Management Team, to our Franchisees and Instructors, and of course our loyal #bouncearmy attendees are committed to being the best they can, and supporting others on their ((BOUNCE)) journey.

To be able to share this prestigious award with everyone who gives a little piece of themselves to strengthen the brand with each class, and with each ((BOUNCE)), makes every moment of growing the business over these last five years even more exceptional.”

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