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Politics / Sat 6th Apr 2019 am30 08:31am

By Jake Shepherd

A reflection on what’s been a very personal placement. Through my degree I was fortunate to intern for six months with a Labour MP in Westminster.

I’ve noticed a lot of friends on social media from across the political divide talk about politicians being all the same and that you mustn’t trust them. Increasingly so given the backdrop of Brexit.

Sat in my local library writing this before full council, I overhear people talking openly about how distrusting and tired they are of politicians. Talking about the story of Jeremy Corbyn being used by British soldiers for target practice, and how they should have had “all of ’em up there” – to the extreme we’ve seen this lead to two planned assassinations of MPs (tragically one terrorist was successful)

Before interning in Parliament, there was no one in my family to discuss or talk to about what I was expecting. That’s not to say my family have ever been divorced from the political process. Arguably we’ve been hardest hit by the political decision to enact austerity and literally turn peoples’ whole world upside down.

I think it would have been completely understandable, even forgivable, for me to have turned my back on the whole political process and joined the chorus of those who curse politician’s names. However, I would not have forgiven myself.

You can’t give up on politics despite how many politicians give up on you. Because if I’ve learnt anything from my 6 month internship it’s that there are some politicians who never give up on the vulnerable, the dispossessed, the misrepresented! For that alone politics has to be worth engaging with!

Parliament has been the backdrop for cruel policies passed by a government which has thrived in its self-borne hostile environment. So it has been wonderful for that same Parliament to become the setting of so many friendships and memories that I hope last longer than this current government!

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2 Comments for Blogpost: Don’t give up on politicians:

2019-04-08 08:57:03

well I suggest mps, (especially labour of which there are 133 of them) back up the views of the people that voted for them in the general election of 2017 of a mandate to respect the referendum result, and I noticed the throw away remark about the conservative government... wasnt it in 2010 that a note was left by a labour minister saying theres no money left.

2019-04-09 23:46:19

Perhaps people should just give up on Labour and the Conservatives who keep letting them down time and time again.....but then I might be biased.....or just calling it as I see it! Mark Gough, UKIP Staple Tye.

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