Letter to Editor: Long drive to see Chris Williamson

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank you for your article about the Chris Williamson public meeting controversy: “Harlow Council leader responds to Tory questions of June 4”.

Until I saw this I knew nothing of the meeting and happily drove from my home in Norfolk to hear what Chris had to say about Modern Monetary Theory but most of all show my support for him and my rejection of Labour leader of Harlow Council’s letter of apology. What I think of the four Momentum councillors who refused to support Chris or even their own organisation for calling the meeting is perhaps best left unsaid, at least in public.

Fortunately more than 30 true socialists attended the excellent meeting, including Harlow treasure and former Labour MP Stan Newens who was loudly applauded for attending. Even at his great age of 89 he sat at the front, took an active part and was happy to be photographed standing shoulder to shoulder with Chris.

Hold your heads in shame Harlow Momentum/Labour.


Phil Wagstaff

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