Glasgow brings science to Harlow

How science features in the world around us was demonstrated to young scientists.

GLASGOW Science Centre on Tour brought the subject to students at BMAT STEM Academy, in Harlow.

Fellow students from Burnt Mill Academy, Epping St John’s Church of England School, in Epping, and Royal Docks Academy, in Newham, also got to experience the Careering Into Science show to find out how the skills they learn at school can help with their future careers.

A selection of exhibits demonstrated to students how the body and brain works.

Cat Angus, senior science communicator, said: “We are showing students they do not necessarily have to go into science as a career, but that the skills they learn in science can be taken into other careers. It’s about making them realise science features in lots of different careers, such as in Formula 1 racing, hairdressing and 3D and virtual reality games development. It allows them to see how science applies to everything they do every day. This is also an opportunity to learn more about themselves, to see that science is fun and to consider different science options.

“We are trying to encourage younger people to take up STEM subjects, with a particular focus on getting girls to take science as we need more women in the industry.

“The students have been really engaged, which is encouraging.”

Year 7 student Hrissian Gunov was one of 17 from Burnt Mill who took part. He said: “I have enjoyed today; it has been really fun.

“I want to be a stuntman when I’m older, so it has been helpful to learn about the body in case I get injured.

“Having seen the impact smoking has on the lungs in the exhibit, I am never going to smoke – I was never going to anyway, but especially now I’ve seen that.”

Talha Mughal, Burnt Mill teacher, said: “This is a treat for those students who have done everything asked of them in science this year and who excel in the subject. It’s quite a cool experience and fits well into our curriculum.

“It is interesting for them to see the careers they could pursue with their interest in science.”

The day was sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline as part of Project Enthuse.

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