BBC ask: Do you remember the Queen’s visit in 1957?

THE BBC are making a film looking at how Britain has changed in the past 70 years during the course of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, from the beginnings of the welfare state, to the Northern Ireland peace process and Thatcherite Britain.

It will show how the country and its people have changed beyond all recognition; from politics and the economy to industry and technology. From our working life to our family life; what we eat to how we dress; how we spend our money and what we do in our free time.

They are particularly interested in the building of New Towns in the 1950s and the hope and rebuilding they represented after the War. They will be visiting Harlow and would love to speak to anyone who may remember meeting the Queen in 1957 during her visit to the town.

They are very interested in speaking to anyone who remembers the challenges of moving to a new town and starting fresh, as well as having memories of the Queen’s visit.

If you have any memories to share, please contact Sara Ahmad at [email protected] or 07723 044013.

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