Four-year-olds gain independence at Roydon Primary

Burnt Mill Academy / Fri 6th Mar 2020 at 10:20am

FOUR-year-olds are learning to be independent through a series of Wow days at school.

Each week the Reception children at Roydon Primary Academy, in Roydon, learn how to complete a task normally done for them by an adult.

The aim is to develop their independence and self-belief while getting them excited and engaged about the task.

While completing the challenges, children are reminded how the practical work links back to what they are learning.

Children have made –
cakes in a mug – linking to their learning of the sound “m”. Pupils were able to recognise the initial sound of the word and attempt to phonetically spell it. The number of the week was also two and the recipe was two cups of flour, sugar and two spoonfuls of oil
pizza – the number of the week was three, so pupils picked three toppings to use
jam sandwiches – looking at triangles, squares and rectangles, they were able to cut their sandwiches in different ways
fruit kebabs – giving pupils an opportunity to explore repeating patterns and discuss health foods
carved pumpkins – practising using tools and developing their fine motor skills, as well as discussing their findings after cleaning and carving the pumpkins

During each task, pupils work independently and follow instructions.

Enzo Vullo, Reception class teacher, said: “The Reception year offers a unique opportunity for schools to develop positive experiences for children and their families which I believe, done right, can influence a child’s relationship with learning throughout their formal educational career and beyond resulting in them becoming lifelong independent learners.

“At Roydon, this starts from day one, enthusing and exciting children about learning and giving them the responsibility and independence to achieve.

“It may only seem like making a jam sandwich or sprinkling some cheese and toppings on a piece of bread to make pizza, but for a four-year-old it is everything. The vocabulary we hear during these activities is simply incredible and the excitement witnessed as the children share these experiences at home time with their parents is amazing.”

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