BMAT STEM Academy benefits from £500,000 cash boost

Students will benefit from a six-figure investment in their school’s facilities.

BMAT STEM Academy, in Harlow, has seen a raft of improvements to its building, thanks to a £510,000 capital grant from the Department for Education.

A brand-new kitchen has been installed, as well as a sixth form study area, sixth form common room, careers office, extra engineering classrooms created from larger teaching spaces and break-out spaces remodelled to provide dining space and additional presentation halls.

The school, which is in the grounds of Harlow College, has also installed new security doors at reception and installed 12 benches outside to encourage students to get fresh air during their breaks.

Teenagers are now eating a healthy diet thanks to the installation of the brand-new kitchen.

Year 10 and 11 students were given responsibility for taste testing a range of food options before a menu was drawn up for the new facility.

They chose a selection that includes fruit, salad, yoghurt pots and toast for breakfast – not available previously.

Since the school opened in September 2018, food has been provided by the catering team at neighbouring BMAT school Burnt Mill Academy.

Two jobs have been created, with the school now having s its own dedicated team of caterers able to provide a wider range of fresh meals on site.

Head of school Dustin Schuyler said: “The new menu has come from our students.

“The kitchen renovation is part of a wider programme of work to develop the school building as our numbers grow each year.

“The feedback is that the building feels more like a school now, which is a nice thing to hear. Our parents love the professionalism of the school setting.”

The new kitchen, which now runs a cashless system, is also using biodegradable utensils.

The school, which caters for students from Year 10 onwards, has a business focus, working in partnership with STEM ambassadors from industry.

The unique school’s sixth form opens in September. Visit

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