BMAT school has devotes whole week learning about and celebrating the NHS.

Burnt Mill Academy / Sun 17th May 2020 at 04:11pm

A school has devoted a whole week to learning about and celebrating the NHS.

The nation has been focusing on the vital lifesaving work the NHS is carrying out in the fight against Coronavirus.

In response, Epping St John’s Church of England School, in Epping, held its own NHS Week as a way of ensuring its children fully understand about the service’s history and role.

The school community has put together a film to thank the NHS, with students and teachers all sharing photos and videos of themselves showing their appreciation.

The week started with a virtual assembly on the Christian value of sacrifice, looking at what we would do without the NHS.

Tasks were set focusing on the NHS in PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons, art projects completed over Easter were collaborated as part of the week and students invited to contribute videos and posters thanking frontline workers.

A donation station was also set up outside the school by the PTA to encourage members of the community to contribute food, fabric to be turned into scrubs and items of entertainment for care homes.

Head of school Michael Yerosimou said: “We are celebrating the NHS through our assembly and through projects and by sharing them on social media.

“I think it is right for us to do our bit. We wanted to focus our children’s minds on researching the NHS as they keep hearing about it; they keep hearing the words ‘NHS’ and ‘saving lives’. They possibly go out to clap once a week, but might not know why. We want them to fully understand and so have set them work on the history of the NHS. This will be a formative piece of work for them.

“We can keep learning going, but the hardest part as a Christian school is to keep our ethos alive. We are working really hard to keep reminding everyone what we are about. We want to develop children academically, but we are also making sure they are motivated and developing as good people.

“It’s important we also keep that side of our school going.”

Watch the NHS thank you video at

Thank You NHS, by student Lottie Bateman

My hero does not wear a cape
Or save me from an ape
They wear scrubs, an apron and a mask
To complete their selfless task
The workers of the NHS are my heroes
I hope we get the daily death rate down to zero

Their superpowers are care and compassion
They do not care about fashion
Putting others first
So, they are not taken away in a hearse

The heroes are not just doctors and nurses
Radiographers take x-rays
Physios help patients walk again through the maze
Biomedical scientists take tests
So, staff can return to work to save lives with the rest

We are safe at home to help flatten the curve
I hope they get all the praise they deserve
They saved Boris, Doris and The O’Sheas
If I were their boss, I would give them a huge raise

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