Let us thank you to every one of our Harlow teachers

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 20th May 2020 at 08:38am

SINCE we launched in July 2013, we have published over 1700 stories on our education channel. The channel is a celebration of all the great work that our teachers do for us all.

From Katherines in the west, to Churchgate Street in the east, we have alway been amazed at the dedication of Harlow’s teachers.

The news on our channels range from lovely work done by reception year classes to hard-hitting political interviews with Passmores supremo, Vic Goddard.

There is the joy on exam day when you can see the professional dedication that staff have in each and every school.

Open Evenings are amazing events in Harlow, when you see just how outstanding the schools are.

We would also like not thank all those who send the stories to us.

Strangely enough, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best in our Harlow teachers. The films on social media have been brilliant and inspirational.

We have become big fans of story time, from Cooks Spinney to Katherines.

But it was a film for St James’ C of E Primary that really struck a chord with us. There was just a real sense of how much the teachers were missing the pupils.

We are all inspired by our teachers. This reporter would not be a journalist without the help of Mrs Judith Pieris, his English teacher at St Mark’s.

We hope that many of our younger readers will look up to our teachers and be inspired enough to one day be a teacher themselves.

They are a special breed in Harlow and we cannot thank them enough.

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