Sisters read for 10 hours for NHS

A KEEN reader ploughed her way through two and a half books in one day to raise much-needed funds for the NHS.

Ella Gostling, Year 7 at Epping St John’s School in Epping, was keen to show her support for local doctors and nurses after hearing about their work during the Coronavirus outbreak.

She teamed up with sister Sophie, Year 4 at Ivy Chimneys Primary School, to complete a ten-hour readathon in support of Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow.

Ella said: “I read every night before bed for up to an hour. My sister and I read for ten hours in one day for our challenge; we moved around the house, from my bedroom, to the garden and the couch.”

The girls set a goal of raising £100 for the hospital – instead raising a total of £800.

Ella said: “We are very proud of ourselves. We hope the money is spent on whatever the hospital staff need the most. It is good to know it will go to a good cause.”

Proud mum Katie said: “I am really proud of the girls. When they said about reading for ten hours, I was a little sceptical as that is a very long time to read. But, they really stuck with it and were glued to their books; I was really impressed. The fact they could get enjoyment out of it, raise money and it was educational was great.

“The amount they have raised is amazing and well exceeded their expectations. We have been blown away by their efforts.

“It is one of those things they will remember forever.”

Head of school Michael Yerosimou said: “I continue to be amazed by the efforts and selflessness of our students. We have seen so many go above and beyond to raise money, awareness and to show support and these two are no different. As an English teacher, it makes me even happier that they have done it through reading!”

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