Harlow slimmers are biggest losers during lockdown

Entertainment / Mon 15th Jun 2020 at 05:33pm

YH has been catching up with a variety of sports organisations across the town to see how they are coping due to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown.

Today, we will look at a different group. We spoke to Donna Boon, who runs that Slimming World group out of Latton Park, the home of Harlow Rugby Club.

Weight-loss consultant Donna, who has lost four stone herself and runs her groups virtually at the moment, says she is so proud of the Rugby Club Slimming World group for their commitments:

Donna said: “It’s been a strange few months and in true Slimming World-style our members have got fully behind this new challenge and pledged to keep their activity up while supporting each other along the way.

They continue to show just what can be done when we come together – both in terms of achieving something amazing and supporting each other through difficult and challenging times.

“I’m so proud of all of my members who set themselves the challenge of keeping active throughout lockdown, they have been doing all sorts, and continue to do so with our next Body Magic challenge (exercise) they’re going to be hula-hooping, bouncing, walking, cycling and everything in between to keep moving and inspiring one another.

“At Slimming World, we help our members find enjoyable ways of getting more active and encourage them to increase their activity levels step-by-step, until it becomes part of their daily routine. We know that when things are fun, and when members support each other, incredible things happen both to self-esteem and to weight loss”.

Throughout lockdown (now known as slimdown) Donna’s members have lost an incredible 92 stone between them showing that nothing will stop them achieving their weight loss dreams!

Donna has given out lots of weight loss awards too during this time, from half stone to 6 and a half stone awards!

Three members have achieved their dream weight and got to target proving that nothing will stop them in this difficult time.

Donna concluded: “We hope our next body magic campaign, ‘it’s a kind of magic’ will inspire lots of people in Harlow to join our virtual groups and discover the pleasure and the benefits of Body Magic – so we can all wave goodbye to lockdown looking and feeling stronger, fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier.

If anyone would like any information on her virtual group please get in touch with Donna.B on 07534 508 576 or visit https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk/

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