Permission granted for HGV parking in North Weald Airfield

Planning / Sat 20th Jun 2020 at 05:25pm

The Government granted special permission for a new lease of land at North Weald Airfield to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

This is for HGV parking and associated facilities for the operation of checking documentation of companies importing and exporting high value goods. Notification was sent to 1,400 residents in North Weald.

Epping Forest District Council negotiated £50,000 for North Weald Bassett Parish Council and the same amount was given to the Local Highways Panel for schemes in the district.

However the parish council has once again been the target of misinformation in local social media regarding this £50,000.

The parish council has always been open regarding the receipt of this money. Details of its receipt, and also how it was received, have been and still are included in the parish council Minutes and Accounts all of which are published on the parish council’s website.

The parish council publicly asked for suggestions on how this money could be spent.

A list has been compiled and is on the parish council website, however no suggestions that have been received so far have a ‘Wow’ factor that councillors feel should be funded out of this money.

Added to this, it was also noted at the December 2019 parish council meeting that a communication had been received from the Chief Executive of Epping Forest District Council which clearly states:

“EFDC have made a decision to offer funds of £50,000 to North Weald Parish Council. This money is not ring fenced for a specific activity in order to ensure that the Parish Council is not fettered should they chose to engage with residents on how it is best spent. The decision of the District Council to award the funds was in recognition that the EFDC contract entered into with HMRC for a customs hub facility at North Weald Airfield would potentially have a local impact. The £50,000 is to ensure that any expenditure required to mitigate any impact could be covered and would not be of detriment to the parish council budget.”

We would remind any resident in the Parish who wishes to access a copy of any documentation that they can contact the Clerk by either telephone on 07572 507591 or by emailing [email protected] or download it by going to the parish council’s website www.northweald-pc.gov.uk where all the relevant information can be found.

Residents are respectfully reminded if they require information about the parish council to come direct to the parish council and ask for that information, and not go through a ‘third party’ as it may be that the information residents are given from such third parties is false, malicious or misleading.

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