Harlow Labour Leader expresses revulsion at the appointment of “sexist, climate change denying homophobe” to senior government trade role.

Politics / Sun 6th Sep 2020 at 09:09am

Dear Sir,

Tony Abbott, former prime minister of Australia, has been described as being sexist, homophobic and a denier of climate change; judging from his recent comments that description is well justified. Despite this awful track record he was appointed yesterday, by Boris Johnson, to a top government role as an official trade advisor.

Mr Abbot displayed his misogyny and sexism when he suggested “men are better adapted than women to exercise authority.” Abbott’s homophobia was evident when he said he was “threatened by homosexuality” and when he vigorously campaigned against legalising same sex marriage. Abbott made clear his denial of climate change when he said climate change is “probably doing good”, and likened policies to combat it to “primitive people once killing goats to appease the volcano gods”.

Residents of Harlow who believe that women are as capable as men, who feel that people in love should be allowed to marry whatever their sexuality and who recognise the need to take the climate emergency seriously will be dismayed that the conservatives in Westminster think Tony Abbott is fit to represent the government of the UK in any capacity.

I am clear that Abbott is unfit for any official government role and I call on senior Harlow Tories, who have so far been silent on the issue, to join with me to demand that Mr Abbott is sacked immediately.

Yours Sincerely
Mark Ingall
Leader of Harlow District Council

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Dagenham Dave
2020-09-08 12:05:44

In the interests of a balanced view on Tony Abbott, one must read today's article titled 'The truth about Tony Abbott' in The Spectator. The article places the accusations against Mr Abbott into context rather than having them truncated by his opponents for political advantage. Take two examples. The first is women's rights: "In fact the women’s rights issue he was criticised for most at the time was his championing of a plan to improve the rights of working women by introducing what would have been one of the world’s most generous paid parental schemes, providing six months of leave on full wages for one parent in all couples (including those of the same sex)." The second on homophobia: "you’d also be surprised to learn that when one of his longtime friends transitioned from male to female, she asked Abbott to introduce a documentary about her story. He gladly did so." The article also talks of Mr Abbott's work staying at Aboriginal communities to understand their needs to try to improve their quality of life. Please read the article, then make up your mind about Mr Abbott.

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