Letter to Editor: Looks like the Tories ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal is still frozen


Looks like the Tories ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal is still frozen

AS the Brexit Party’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow I campaigned vigorously against the Withdrawal Agreement (WA). It is fundamentally flawed because it annexes Northern Ireland by moving the Irish Border in to the Irish Sea.

This is something that Theresa May said she would never do. When the WA was signed into International Law in January it was not cause for celebration. Nigel Farage said it was a victory, it was not. Brexit was lost when he endorsed the Tories Brexit Policy by pulling all Brexit Party candidates in Tory seats.

Nothing has changed in the WA, the government knew what they were signing up to. After all they were going to get Brexit done with their ‘oven ready’ Brexit Deal.

It looks like its still defrosting because the Internal Market Bill overrides parts of the WA. As a Brexiter this should be good news. No, this is dreadful news. We signed an International Treaty; you cannot change the terms without breaking International law. The government should be setting an example not willingly breaking the law.


Neil Greaves



Paul Riddle

May’s Withdrawal Agreement was designed to keep the UK firmly tied to the EU’s disastrous regulations. Of course it needs to be amended.

Neil Greaves

Paul, Theresa Mays WA has never been ratified therefore it is not being amended. It just highlights how bad Boris’s deal is, the fact that even Theresa May would not agree to annexing NI. The whole point of my article is that the Tories fought an election on an ‘Oven Ready’ deal that was not ‘Oven Ready’. Now they are trying to change the WA with the Internal Markets Bill. The problem is that Boris’s WA has been ratified, so any change to it will be breaking international law. Not a great example to us all.

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