Nishall’s Blog: It’s time to invest in your digital presence!

Business / Mon 28th Sep 2020 at 06:33am

It’s Time to Invest in Your Digital Presence!  

DURING these uncertain times, many businesses have chosen to invest in their digital presence; this may have involved setting up an online shop to sell their products and services, or simply creating a company social media profile so they can be found online more easily. These days when looking to purchase a product or service most people will head straight to Google, or even ask their friends on social media for recommendations, which is why it’s so crucial to invest in digital services, regardless of whether it’s paid or organic.   

So, if you’re a small or medium business that hasn’t invested in your digital presence yet, then now is the time as it will give you a competitive edge. Having a digital presence has several benefits, such as:  

1. Keeping Up with the Competition  

The internet is always on, and mostly available everywhere, which means customers can find what they’re looking for in a matter of a few moments. So, if your business doesn’t have a good website – or any kind of website, nobody will see you in the Google search rankings. (Not only this but also, it’s worth considering paid online advertising to give your business an extra boost.)  

2. Helping Customers Understand What You Offer  

Having a good first impression is vital. And if the first one your customers get doesn’t explain what you offer or is misleading, you’re unlikely to get their business.   

Think of your business’s online presence as your shop window. If you need a pair of shoes, you’ll find a shop with carefully presented shoes in the window. Similarly, if you need an accountant, you might search online – and you’re unlikely to choose one with a poor website (or none at all).  

3. Building Your Brand  

Customers care whether a business they’re thinking of buying from has a website – it provides a layer of reassurance that’s simply expected these days.   

A good website and associated social media accounts will get your brand noticed – and get people talking about you to their friends. Being perceived in a positive light through your online presence will help spread the message of what your business stands for.  

4. Maintaining Your Reputation  

Resting on your laurels just isn’t an option where your web presence is concerned – make sure you keep your site and social accounts looking fresh and modern with relevant, up-to-date content.  

Your loyal customers may not be quite as willing to part with their cash if all they see of your business is an old blog with posts from three years ago. Whether you offer physical products or services, your customers need to know that you care about how you come across.  

5. Marketing Your Products or Services  

While printed ads, flyers and posters may still have their place in certain situations for certain businesses, however, they tend to be costly, take longer to prepare and use up a lot of trees.  So, when it comes to getting your message across or bringing in more business in these evolving times, then investing in a good digital presence isn’t just a necessity, it’s a must!  

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