Daughter of Harlow hospital staff member takes on fund-raising cycling challenge

Charity / Mon 12th Oct 2020 am31 07:03am

THE daughter of a PAHT staff member will take on a 15-mile cycling challenge to raise funds to support patients with cancer.

Nine-year-old Amany Edwards, whose mum is head of nursing for cancer Louise Edwards, will complete the cycle ride along the River Lee from Ware to Cheshunt in Hertfordshire and back with her family on Sunday, 11 October.

Amany has raised more than £500 so far – and donors are encouraged to please continue their generous support.

Amany’s mum, Louise, said: “Amany decided she wanted to help people with cancer by raising money and was inspired by her cousin who had recently cut her long hair and donated it to patients with cancer. 

“Amany had never routinely cycled prior to lockdown. It was something we did occasionally as a family. During lockdown we were probably cycling short distances every 2-3 weeks and she got a new bike for her birthday in the summer. Since the end of August, Amany has been out on several bike rides and increasing her mileage each time in preparation for her final charity ride. In August, 5 miles was the furthest she had ever cycled and she had only achieved this once.

“The team at The Williams Day Unit, our family and Amany’s school friends have been really supportive in raising funds.

“I am extremely proud of Amany, it is such a grown up and thoughtful thing for her to independently choose to do.”

Amany said: “I feel nervous, excited and proud. I also feel that it is a unique thing to do.”

Louise added: “There are a number of options that are being explored to benefit patients with cancer at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. This includes a piece of equipment called an airglove which is used to heat a patient’s arm in preparation for cannulation (insertion of a tube into a vein), prior to receiving their treatment. Many patients with cancer have very poor venous access and this would really help to increase visibility of veins which could improve patient comfort when cannulating. Alternatively, we use charitable funds for the health and wellbeing of patients, so for example we pay for services to offer additional holistic support for patients.” 

You can support Amany’s fundraising endeavour via her JustGiving page.

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