Letter to Editor: Harlow MP must vote to safeguard food standards

News / Mon 12th Oct 2020 at 03:43pm


LAST Monday, the Agriculture Bill is set to return to the Commons, for voting on the Lords’ amendments. These amendments to the Bill have been put in by the Lords, to safeguard food and environmental standards in the UK which the Bill threatens to abandon in the government’s desperate attempt to make the UK viable for Trade deals with the US and others.

Absolutely vital that the amendments be agreed on: the prospect of our food and environmental standards being subject to those in operation in the US, is too horrible to contemplate. Dominic Cummings (the unelected one!), Boris Johnson and Liz Truss are determined to whip Conservative MPs to vote against the amendments. Brexit (and the careers of those dependent on it) depends not only on getting a trade deal with the US – no matter how embarrassing or harmful to this country – but also selling it to the public as an unqualified success, no matter what.

The NFU, environmentalists, food experts and many, many others have long warned that this government would be prepared to sacrifice long-fought-for food standards on the altar of anything-for-a-deal. The government has always denied it, preferring to ridicule such suggestions.

Now they are doing exactly that. I have written to Robert Halfon MP in the hope that on Monday, he finds the courage and conscience to vote for the Lords’ amendments and against the rapacious and supremely damaging demands of his bosses.

Generally, he votes with the government, no matter how damaging, but in this instance he might see sense. Who knows? We’ll know on Monday and I shall relay the vote on to these pages.  

This article in CityAM sets out the details



Chris Larner

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2020-10-13 09:56:33

Well, this shows how much this government values farmers and food standards. https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/agriculture-bill-government-amdendment-16-animal-welfare-provisions-farming-713951 "Government accused of ‘letting farmers down’ by stripping animal welfare provisions from Agriculture Bill"

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