Incredible Hannah pulls twelve tonne truck!

News / Mon 19th Oct 2020 at 08:07am

A HARLOW athlete has pulled off a remarkable feat by towing a twelve tonne truck.

Hannah Cox is a member of running group, ParkRunandBeyond. If you wondered what the “Beyond” stood for, then let Hannah put it in her own words.

Hannah said:

“Here is a race report with a difference. I started training through lockdown for a 10 ton truck pull. For one reason or another the date we had planned in kept being moved and I genuinely thought it wasn’t going to happen…… until this last week when I got a message to say I could have access to a lorry this weekend.

The location was Koru Gym in Bishops Stortford.

I’ve been heavy weightlifting for a number of years now and last year I started playing a little with strongman type stuff.

The 10 ton truck pull is something I have wanted to achieve for a long time. At 57kg’s body weight it’s a big deal for me!

“This morning I was the most nervous I have been before an event, literally jelly legs.

Anna Robyn was a huge source of calming support and I managed to get my head together ready for the start.

I started with a warm up of just 8.5 tonnes. The ground was quite damp and slippy which dented my confidence a bit.

The guy running the session is the UK and World strongest man U90Kg.

He’s really experienced and could see I was losing my nerve a bit so gave me a pep talk on the sidelines.

We then got started with the main event. All of a sudden it came together, I felt really good and the support from the spectators really lifted my mood. I got a really good thrust to get the truck moving and managed to maintain momentum despite a small slip on wet ground. I made the distance and had a well earned sit down.

I was so high on adrenalin after finally achieving a long time goal that I was easily talked in to attempting 12.6 tonnes (the max weight we were able to load to).

“And so I am now able to say that I can pull a 12.6 tonne lorry!”

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