Letter to Editor: Labour-run Harlow Council “You are accountable”

Politics / Tue 15th Dec 2020 at 01:11pm

Dear Editor,

COUNCILLORS Ingall and Purton appear not to want Harlow Council to be held accountable to the people of Harlow regarding what they refer to as their “aspirations for a 21st Century Transportation System”, however, like it or not, we live in a democracy so you are accountable, councillors.

Being accountable means providing adequate information to the people of Harlow who pay the bills and who must live with any mistakes the council makes.

Given that Councillor Ingall and Councillor Purton have provided no information to local people that I’ve seen in respect of what exactly they are proposing, they must show us the money.

How much of Harlow people’s money are they prepared to spend on this new system and will they increase our council tax to pay for this?

How much will AECOM charge the people of Harlow for their proposed feasibility study? Exactly what sort of system do Cllrs Ingall and Purton wish to provide – and why?

It’s the democratic duty of Conservative councillors to hold the ruling Labour group to account on behalf of all of us, the people of Harlow who otherwise would be kept in the dark.

They are merely doing their job in this and in demanding that the ruling Labour group provide us all with further and better data on this proposal and that they show us the money.

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