Ashlyn Care Home appreciate the kindness of Cooks Spinney pupils

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy / Sun 3rd Jan 2021 at 09:17am

RECENTLY, Ashlyn Care Home in Harlow received a wonderful surprise from Cooks Spinney Primary Academy.

Over the years, the children of Cooks Spinney have visited Ashlyn at Christmas time to sing Christmas carols, play games together and have a nice chat. But this year, with the COVID-19 precautions in place, this has not been possible and the people at Ashlyn have so dearly missed it.

The lovely children of Cooks Spinney did the best they could to make sure the people living at the home still knew they were being thought of, so they sent Christmas cards, drawing and messages to the home, wishing them a lovely Christmas and spreading some love.

The kindness of these young children brightened everyone’s day. Everyone at Ashlyn felt so special and their hearts melted as they read through all of the wonderful messages!

They were so grateful for the joy that the children bestowed upon them, that they decided to return the favour. Residents and team members alike gathered to craft a huge Christmas card to send back to them, wishing them a merry Christmas and thanking them for their kindness.

The Christmas cards are now on display across the postcard boards of both floors of the home, and Ashlyn have even decorated one of their Christmas trees with drawings and cards. They have named this the ‘Cooks Spinney Christmas tree’.

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