Harlow’s Sustainable Transport Corridor

Politics / Sat 16th Jan 2021 at 10:22am

Harlow’s Sustainable Transport Corridor

By Nicholas Taylor of The Harlow Alliance Party

THE Harlow Alliance Party agree almost entirely with the Conservative group about the proposed “Metro” system touted by the local Labour group.

However, having supported the creation of The Harlow and Gilston Garden Town development over three years ago our biggest concern is that neither Party have yet come up with a creditable plan which will mitigate the huge increase in traffic which will occur when thousands of homes are built on the towns borders. It appears that the Labour group are relying almost entirely on Cllr Purton and the experience he gained whilst a council officer many years ago because the Council have no officers with experience of this type of work because it is a function of Essex County Council, who in fact do not support these proposals.

It was said at the meeting that the proposal being considered involves bendy buses, using a new dedicated lane described as a single track similar to a strengthened cycle track with passing points. In some places it will need to be elevated. Described as a rapid transport system, it will for the most part only serve those residents living in the new villages surrounding Harlow, with perhaps as few as three stopping points within Harlow’s borders.

It is pure speculation as to who would run such a service and indeed who would underwrite the cost of any losses incurred. In due course the developers of the new homes will pay towards the cost of construction but what that really means of course is that those buying the new homes around Harlow will find the cost of the homes inflated to cover these costs, throwing into doubt just how many homes of these homes will be truly “affordable”.

As you would expect, the four Labour councillors voted for the proposal not to take the matter back to the council’s next Cabinet meeting whilst the three Conservative councillors voted against the proposal. What is needed in the council chamber are independent councillors who are prepared to consult with residents, do not take a “we know best attitude” and are not bound by Westminster loyalties.

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2021-01-16 21:37:57

Create a tram system in Harlow. Avoid more road building.

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