Letter to Editor: Robert Halfon and Universal Credit

Politics / Tue 19th Jan 2021 at 09:36am


Well first Mr Halfon, thank you for voting for something that will help a huge number of people in this constituency who will benefit from it. 

However, you are being disingenuous at best (see how Kenneth Clarke used this word to describe the words of the current Prime Minister) in your misrepresentation of the facts on the Labour Party position: Keir Starmer does not seek to simply “abolish Universal Credit” as has been advertised in false Conservative social media campaigns but to “abolish and replace it” with a system that does not leave families waiting for weeks on end to receive money that they are entitled to. This is the ugly scar of the current system that forces people to borrow money from those with less than honourable intentions.

Secondly, you cite the Centre for Social Justice – a think tank established by…the architect of Universal Credit, Ian Duncan Smith. It truly pays to check the sources of the information that our politicians choose to espouse. 

You also cite the Joseph Rowntree Foundation who fear Labour would return to the old, patchy system. Do you honestly think that they would turn back the clock to a system he has acknowledged did not work effectively.

My greatest piece of advice Mr Halfon… leave the Tory Party. You could be Harlow’s independent candidate, doing what you did so well in your first years as the MP for Harlow and Villages; campaigning on issues that directly affect those in this area who need protection and support.

All too often we now see you far removed from what goes on in your constituency. Don’t forget those who chose you many times in the 2010s.


Dan Ricketts

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