Letter to Editor: Harlow Council and business grants

News / Thu 28th Jan 2021 at 08:29am

Dear Editor, 

I AM disgusted with Harlow Council who are sitting on Government money and are failing to give it to our local businesses who so desperately need it. 

My friend Katie, a hairdresser, is just one example of the hundreds of local businesses who have not received financial support for months, because Harlow Council has failed. She is at her wits end and does not know where to turn and the Council do not answer the phone or respond to emails. 

Why are local businesses owners suffering so badly? My friends in other council areas have received the Government grants with no issues. The Leader of the Council, Cllr Mark Ingall, went on BBC Essex radio and tried to blame the Government – which just sums this Council up – blame everyone except themselves whilst residents and local businesses suffer. 

The Government gave the Council the money in early December and local businesses are still not receiving the support they need. It is disgraceful and Cllr Ingall should hang his head in shame. 

If this is not resolved so many local businesses will never return, but far worse, their mental health will spiral further downwards. 

Perhaps it’s time Harlow got rid of this useless Labour Council.

Your sincerely

Nicola Purse

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2021-01-29 04:56:48

Because they want you all to fail and they don't care about people genuinely this is all being done to fracture the system and to cause loss. People like myself have no help from the government I was in events and catering as I did not have to pay tax my income was below as I was starting out so we get nothing .

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