Letter to Editor: Harlow Conservatives: Up to £76 million to regenerate our town is on offer (but can only be delivered by Tories)

Politics / Wed 10th Feb 2021 at 12:11pm

Dear Editor, 

UP to £76 million will be available to regenerate our town, but this can only be delivered with a Conservative Council. 

Over Christmas, we learnt that Harlow Council had lost out on £10.4 million that had been earmarked for regeneration, because their bid did not, and I quote “meet stringent criteria on value for money for the taxpayer”

This is a running theme from our Labour Council. In fact, in the nine years they have been in charge there has been no work on regenerating the town – only more vacant shops, less nightlife and more anti-social behaviour. 

Residents will, however, have the choice on 6 May to change that. We have secured up to £76 million to regenerate Harlow – this will completely transforming the town centre. Putting the pride back into our community and making it a safer, more enjoyable place to be. 

With the £50 million Harlow Investment Fund, the Towns Fund providing up to £25 million, and the £1 million secured for the town library we can truly rejuvenate our town with better shops, new nightlife and more jobs – but it can only be delivered with a Conservative Council. 

So on 6 May, residents can vote for more of the same delay and wasting of money with Labour or a huge investment into building an even better Harlow with the Conservatives. That is the choice at this election.
Yours sincerely, 
Cllr Michael Hardware

Conservative Councillor for Harlow West

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