Letter to Editor: Former UKIP councillor on council tax hikes

Politics / Sun 21st Feb 2021 at 10:16am

Dear Editor,

THAT article from Labour councillor Tony Edwards is typical of the Labour Party of Harlow, a Labour councillor of Harlow and Labour in general.

They are quick to blame other political parties for their poor judgements and choices in financial matters.

It’s bad enough that the Labour leader of Harlow council is holding onto to business grants set out for local business’s from the Government so that is proof that this Labour administration party of Harlow are up to no good when it comes to finances but now they have agreed to increase the council tax for the 8th time in 9 years since their become the administration party of Harlow is the nail in the coffin.

Good on the council of our neighbouring region, (Epping Forest) who are a Tory-run council, who have frozen the council tax.

This is 100% proof that this Labour administration party of Harlow do not listen to, or give a damn about the number one priority of this town, which is the residents of Harlow who are struggling financially at this present time,especially the hard working tax paying families of this town.

Please all, stay strong,think positive, stay safe, keep well, stay alert and take care.

Dan Long

Former UKIP councillor for Bush Fair

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