Letter to Editor: What has happened to The Square is a disgrace

Your Say / Mon 22nd Feb 2021 at 12:18pm


I was interested to read that the final nails seemed to have been hammered into the coffin by our esteemed councils, both local and county.  

“Harlow Council decided it could no longer financially back the venue and so it had to close”.

Ironically, it closed when undergoing a renaissance.

Why the site and the venue couldn’t have  been held in public ownership from its birth is to illustrate how there’s a lack of appreciation and ignorance of the massive importance of such venues in developing a stable creative and healthy society.

Even in simplistic terms of the public purse, the savings and benefits far outweigh the cost of anti social consequences and loss of a seed bed of the music industry of not having such centres.

It’s literally scandalous that promises haven’t  been kept and the site sold for fat cat commercial gain.

If there’s massive grants available for the development of the town centre, figures such as £50 million and £25 million have been highlighted by Cllrs and our MP, then buy back the site and rebuild The Square.

At a time when the shopping world is moving online and modern ultra green town models tell us that town centres are far better developed as leisure and entertainment and arts centres.

It has to be realised a rebuilt Square is a far more important asset to the town and residents than more empty shops or tiny overpriced apartments.  

The logic that commuters will fill any flats doesn’t apply anymore now working from home is part of the new normal.

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