Has Harlow got a growing problem with drug drivers?

Crime / Sun 28th Feb 2021 pm28 01:13pm

WE can guarantee that soon after we publish a court report regarding a Harlow person being convicted of driving a car whilst under the influence of drugs, we will receive a complaint as well as a request that we remove the report.

Amongst the reasons are (and these are the polite ones).

  1. It is private information
  2. We didn’t get their permission to report on it
  3. It is hardly crime of the century
  4. They could lose their job and it will be our fault

The list goes on.

What we have noticed is the apparent increasing numbers of Harlow residents who are being caught by Essex Police.

We say “apparent” as we haven’t actually analysed figures, it just feels that way.

What we may be witnessing is a number of Harlow residents who are facing a clash of cultures.

There is the fact that the taking of drugs is part of their lifestyle.

There is Section 5 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988.

We have been here before.

Some of us remember people in the seventies and eighties, who would, as a course of habit, have four or five pints on a Friday night and then drive home.

There was an element that it was socially acceptable.

In many ways, that is why drink driving legislation was initially introduced and then became updated regularly.


It took a long time for people to get the message over drinking and driving.

Now we see the variation on a theme of drug-driving.

The trouble here is that the drugs of choice are in the person’s system for a long time.

There are some jobs that involve a drug test. Applicants have been warned that some drugs are in their system for up to 28 days.

That is the problem for people who take drugs and then want to drive their car.

We believe that most of the offenders would never dream of drinking a bottle of red wine and then take two ton of metal down Second Avenue.

To them, drugs may well feel different and they may feel that the legislation is unfair.

We don’t know if there is a type. Maybe there is just those under or over the limit but there appears to be a lot of BMW drivers. So if you are a male between 21 and 40, taking drugs and then getting behind a wheel, you may be standing out like a sore thumb.

In conclusion. It feels like a growing problem. We will be asking Essex Police for their statistics and may write a further piece. Either way, BMW or whatever. If you ended up on the court lists, don’t bother ringing us, just read the link below.

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