Harlow Council leader threatens legal action over potholes

General / Tue 16th Mar 2021 at 08:13am

TODAY Councillor Ingall, Labour leader of Harlow Council took the first steps in a legal process designed to force Essex County Council to repair Harlow’s roads.

Shocked by the appalling condition of the road surface of Hookfield and Minchin Road, Cllr Ingall reported them to Essex County Council via their website. Cllr Ingall said, “Within minutes of me sending in the report to the Essex Highways website I had an email back saying they had been reported before, and no action was planned to repair them.

“It is ridiculous that roads this bad are not being repaired by Essex County Council, they are a danger to pedestrians crossing the road, they are a danger to cyclists and motorbike users and they cause damage to cars.

“When I received the email from Essex saying the potholes were not going to be fixed, I took legal advice from “Mr Pothole” who has recently secured repairs to roads in Northamptonshire by taking recourse to legal action.

“Acting on his advice I wrote the letter below (and working with Councillor Lanie Shears of Markhall ward a similar one about Minchin Road) as the first step in a process that could land Essex County Council in court if they fail to make good these roads.

“If I am successful in this process then I intend to repeat it for other poorly maintained parts of our road and cycle track infrastructure.

“Essex take the vast majority of the Council tax paid by Harlow residents and they underspent on road maintenance by £1 million last year, they have no excuse not to meet their legal responsibility to maintain our roads.”

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1 Comment for Harlow Council leader threatens legal action over potholes:

Christine Guerrero
2022-03-11 09:32:19

The road surfaces in Harlow are so bad I avoid driving in some areas. Remember Road Tax which every car owner pays for yearly. This money goes to central government to cover road repairs etc. It appears we are all paying into a money making con where we get nothing in return. Where is the money ???? It’s not used to repair our roads. What can we do, withhold payment and then end up getting fined ? The roads won’t get repaired until something really bad happens then all those responsible will be pointing fingers saying “it’s not my job” Who’s job is it ??? In my mind if you don’t do your job you get sacked. So come on Essex County Council or Central Government Who’s job is it. Who can we point the finger at. Who can we blame when there is a bad accident????? Then it will be too late. Get on and do your job and get the roads repaired.

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