Covid-19: The importance of being jabbed twice!

Covid-19 / Thu 1st Apr 2021 at 08:45am

YOU only need to jab twice may sound like a James Bond movie but Muneera Zaman Clinical Pharmacist, PCN South Harlow at the Lister and Gino Martini Chief Scientist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Trustee at Harlow Health Centres Trust explain the importance of being jabbed twice with the COVID 19 vaccine.

After receiving the first dose of the vaccine, the body starts to produce antibodies in 2 – 3 weeks’ time (it may vary person to person) but these antibodies will fight the virus for up to 21 days (52% effectiveness) and then efficacy will start to decline.

However, a second jab can prolong the effectiveness of the vaccine up to 92% to 94%!

This is why, your country, your families, your friends and your colleagues need you to take the Jab not just once but twice!

If we cannot persuade you – let’s talk numbers. Worldwide, people have lost their lives around 2,769,473 (WHO) and in U.K. alone over 126,562 deaths have been recorded. But these are not just numbers; each number represents a human life which has been lost due to the brutal impact of this pandemic.

Simply put, the Vaccine is protecting us from infection and its severity. We appreciate that there has been a spate of negative headlines in the media BUT the BENEFIT of taking the Vaccine once or even twice far outweighs any risk of taking the Vaccine – simple as that!

We ALL need to understand that this virus will stay with us for a long time but ALL of us embracing the vaccination campaign we can fight back without approaching to the stage that we end up in hospitals with severe illnesses which may lead to long term damage or even loss of life.

So why don’t you take a leaf out of James Bond Novel and save the world by taking the Jab not just once but also twice!

By having vaccine and especially both first and second dose, we can save ourselves, others and the whole community around us so when you receive the call from the Lister Health Centre to receive your Jab – please accept it!

Remember With the Vaccine;

We can bring normality back to our lives

We can avoid lockdowns

We can come out from the social distancing rules

We can live without having masks

We can finish the practice of continuous hand gel use

Above all the fear of causing harm to ourselves or to others that we may be the part of reason they got the virus.

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