Conservatives demand answers from Harlow Council over leaseholder certificate “debacle”

General / Tue 6th Apr 2021 at 01:32pm

HARLOW’S Conservative Councillors are demanding answers from the Council over the Council’s “fraudulent” request for gas and electrical safety certificates from leaseholders. 

The strongly worded letter from the Conservative Housing Spokesman, Simon Carter, to the Council’s Housing Portfolio Holder, Mark Wilkinson, comes in the wake of a Council letter sent to Harlow’s 2,500 leaseholders ordering them to carry out gas and electricity safety tests which could cost over £300 per household and are not required under the provisions of the leases or in law. 

Cllr Carter, said that the Council has no legal backing for such a demand and by doing so, the Council have “caused a great deal of stress at a particularly difficult time for many people by referring to inappropriate regulations or non-existent legislation.”

He added that “the council has fallen far short of the standards of probity and accuracy one would expect from a public body.” 

Cllr Carter demanded answers to ten separate questions including “Why, in your supporting statement, did you refer to a non-existent Act?” and “By allowing this fraudulent letter and the subsequent supporting statement Harlow District Council has become a laughingstock, and it has also been shown to have lied to its residents. This is an unacceptable situation, and they want to know what you are going to do to repair the damage your letter and clarification has caused the council?”.

It is believed that many leaseholders may have already paid for the certification. 

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