Pink Cottage planning application set to go before committee

Business / Tue 6th Apr 2021 at 01:14pm

A PLANNING application to make changes to the Pink Cottage on Commonside Road in Harlow is set to go before the planning committee.

The application relates to the commercial part of the building, not the part in residential use. The proposal is to change the larger part of it to a retail shop with the remainder a takeaway. The plans indicate the shop would be a grocery store.

Further details

The shop opening hours given on the form are 7am to 11pm all days and the takeaway would be open from 11am to 11pm all days. The application plans show 12 parking spaces in the car park, two of which are for disabled people.

As originally submitted, the proposal included a car wash use and associated canopy in the car park and the takeaway being a restaurant and takeaway. The application has been amended to remove these two elements.

There have been a number of objections to the application.

  • Too much traffic on the road, if cars are having to queue will be dangerous especially as children play area next to it.
  •   In the past when the restaurant is busy the small car park can not cope with the number of cars and the overflow onto the road which is on a significant bend and into the Spruce Hill area itself .. As people visiting either ignore are unaware they in the past park in front of garages and hardstandings so people who pay for them can not use them.
  •   The other environmental issue is has already been raised by myself to environmental health dept. Since work started there were a lot of fires the Pink Spice were having almost every day even on a Sunday.
  •   This site has attracted some antisocial behaviour in recent years and I would support any development that reduces this occurrence. I would however raise the following issues to be considered when granting planning permission for the proposals.
  •   There is currently a sign on the site advertising “express food centre ,express takeaway, express car wash, accommodations to let” The planning application makes no reference to accommodation. Inquiries should be made as to what type of accommodation is proposed to see if this is acceptable e.g. HMO and what facilities are being provided to facilitate this proposal e.g. refuse storage car parking etc.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 14th at 7.30pm. It can be viewed on the council Youtube channel.

The full application can be traced below.


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