St Clare Hospice 10K: The remarkable comeback of Dr Ghosh

Charity / Mon 12th Apr 2021 at 10:26am

IN 2018, we met Dr Deb Ghosh as he and a colleague undertook a 50 mile walk to raise awareness of liver disease.

Our editor, Michael Casey, struck up a friendship and had great respect for Dr Ghosh’s commitment, integrity and stamina.

So it was with great concern, when, in April 2020, he told us he had contracted Covid-19.

We weren’t alone, as many many residents had got to know him through his work at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The good doctor recovered. So it was with great relief (and a little surprise) that we heard he was undertaking the St Clare Hospice 10K race.

Yes, a man born with one lung, who had two “lung re-sections” in his twenties, who was stuck down by Covid-19 took on a 10k road race.

Our editor ran as well (when he says ran he means shuffles) and was soon passed by Dr Ghosh.

Dr Ghosh finished in a remarkable 1 hr and 2 mins.

Dr Ghosh said: “I had severe Covid pneumonia exactly 365 days ago.

Anyone can do a race like this way better than me.

“I share my experience so that someone somewhere might want to trey and push themselves beyond what they think they can do!”

He also raised over a thousand pounds.

Well done to Dr Ghosh. What next? The London Marathon next year perhaps?

You can still sponsor him.

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