Partners from across Essex to develop range of initiatives to address women’s safety

News / Fri 1st Oct 2021 at 08:17am

PARTNERS from across Essex will be developing a range of initiatives to address women’s safety across the county in key areas such as town centres and on public transport.

On the day when the murderer of Sarah Everard was sentenced to whole life imprisonment at the Old Bailey, the online Women’s Safety Partnership conference, organised through Essex Partners and the County Council’s Safety Advisory Group, shared the latest survey data and insight highlighting the circumstances such as locations and behaviours which contribute to women feeling threatened and unsafe.

The conference, which included Essex Police, local women’s groups, support organisations, representatives from the media and residents, discussed how to:

work with men to understand the impact of inappropriate behaviour towards women and supporting changes in behaviour where necessary
make public spaces safer and ensuring they feel safe
improve the safety of the night-time economy
ensure public transport is safe and feels safe, and;
challenge stereotypes and negative attitudes and language towards women.
Ideas from the workshops within the conference, covering transport, support for parents, role modelling initiatives and more will now be taken away for development and will be shared with the cross-party reference group, which will discuss and review proposals, as part of the decision process on how to allocate the £500,000 contribution from Essex County Council to improve safety for women.

Cllr Louise McKinlay, ECC’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community, Equality, Partnerships and Performance, said: “Today was an important step towards the aim of improving the safety of women.

“Through our work to date and this conference, we wanted to spark a conversation about public safety at a county level that leads to real, tangible action and change.

“We have worked hard over the past few months to gather data and insight about the real experiences of residents from across Essex. Thanks to the contributions from attendees at today’s conference, we will now begin to turn ideas into action. It won’t come about overnight, but we know we must make a difference – the significance of today’s sentencing for the murder of Sarah Everard will not have been lost on anyone who has contributed and I am grateful to all involved.”

Details of plans will come forward by the end the year when decisions on a programme of initiatives and work will be agreed and launched.

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2 Comments for Partners from across Essex to develop range of initiatives to address women’s safety:

Shayla G
2021-10-01 10:32:08

I take issue with the statement that they wish to “work with men”, the issue isn’t the majority of men - it’s a minority - and they act on their own volition. They don’t speak or act for the rest of them. The men that do act inappropriately in public will be absolutely unashamed to do it privately too. They should be tackling the issue with those who are responsible, instead of finger pointing... these kind of “initiatives” only further stigmatise and perpetuate fear and anger towards others, and in this instance - the target is men.

Clare Harrison McCartney
2021-10-02 00:00:06

They could start by moving me away from the psycho dangerous nutter living next door to me, who has threatened to rape and kill me. It’s put me through mental health and the damage has been done, which I’ll never recover from. I’ve reported this for five years . The police finally listened to me recently after saying I was paranoid and making it up, then I got a ring doorbell and recorded it as evidence and they shut him up. He used to stalk me and wait for me to come home, then shout out “why haven’t you got a boyfriend?”, what business is that of his? He was listening to my every move. Then I got a boyfriend and he shouted slag when I got home. The police used to say it’s ok for him to shout abuse, because it’s within his own four walls. So it’s ok to scare the hell out of me is it? That’s not right. He shouted the n word at the black woman who lives here who is a lovely person and is a carer. He shouted nazi abuse on VE Day , stuff that would have been shouted in nazi Germany that my grandparents fought against fascism in. He has previous convictions, as he took a knife to the woman downstairs in these flats, which went to court. . The police knew he had previous and just laughed at me every time I reported it. They have been protecting him for some reason and they didn’t care about him making my life hell here. I got a ring doorbell and recorded him shouting sexist misogynistic abuse at me as I walked up to my front door, turn Finally the police took it seriously after years of abuse I’ve taken and they got an order on him and shut him up. That’s all well and good, but I still live next door to him and I’m scared for my life living here and the council don’t care.

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