Stewards Academy Phoenix Curriculum back up and running

Education: Secondary / Mon 11th Oct 2021 at 08:45am

STEWARDS Academy’s Phoenix Curriculum is back up and running after the disruption of last academic year. Staff and pupils were thrilled to be able to start up the exciting and enriching extra-curricular opportunities once again.

As an academy that believes firmly in developing the whole child, the Phoenix Curriculum is a fundamental part of what we offer.

Already underway are netball and football training and fixtures, dance club, drama club, chess club, creative writing, and fashion design to name a few! The Performing Arts corridor is also abuzz with pupils rehearsing at breaks, lunches, and after-school, all in preparation for the forthcoming ‘Big Gig’ – the first event in nearly two years.

The pupils are understandingly excited to have these opportunities once more and in the first School Council meetings of the year their first questions, were: ‘Can we do clubs again?’; ‘Can we have a performance?’; and then, ‘Can we go on a trip?’. And thankfully the answer, at this current time, has been a big YES!

The Phoenix Curriculum feeds into the wider Phoenix Challenge and enables pupils to fully engage in the life of the academy. There is a broad and diverse range of clubs and activities on offer throughout the year and many focal points where pupils can get involved through the house competitions, such as The Big Draw, Black History Month activities and Reading Weeks.

Plans for trips are also in hand with the first trip for Year 7, Robin Hood at The Playhouse, Harlow, currently being advertised.

Di da Vighi, Enrichment Co-Ordinator, said: “It is brilliant that pupils are able to access these enrichment clubs and activities once more. I am a firm believer in the more pupils get involved in academy life the more fulfilling they will find their educational journey.

“Even in the toughest times when a student has something they really engage with – performing arts or sports for example- it really enables them to focus, commit and feel a sense of success and achievement. The staff at Stewards have always been incredibly committed to ensuring that our young people have these opportunities beyond the classroom. As as a teacher, despite the additional time the clubs and activities take, they can provide some of the most rewarding experiences in an academic year.”

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