Harlow Labour leader unimpressed by possibility of Tory crime council tax hike

Crime / Wed 3rd Nov 2021 at 09:21am

THE leader of the Harlow Labour Group has slammed the possibility of the Tory Essex Police Commissioner increasing their share of council next next spring.

Cllr Chris Vince said: “Four years ago, I wrote to YourHarlow following the announcement that Roger Hirst, the Conservative Party PFCC, would be raising his proportion of council tax by the maximum amount by saying ‘Roger Hirst has effectively admitted that he cannot keep the people of Essex safe because his own government is not providing him with enough money to do so’.  It appears that not a lot has changed. 

In fact, readers are probably not too surprised to see me writing a response to this article, as I have written the same thing every year since then.

“Ultimately the Conservative Party is raising your council tax as a result of a decade of ideological cuts to front line policing, with police numbers still lower than they were in 2010.

When Harlow’s Conservative Party claimed they would lower council tax ‘from day one’ – something they still haven’t done six months after the election – the Labour Party rightly pointed out that this would be a small drop in the ocean. With Roger Hirst raising his proportion of council tax by 5%, the people of Harlow will see their council tax rise, no matter what Harlow District Council do.

Had I been elected as PFCC for Essex in May – sadly an unlikely outcome – I too would have looked at raising the precept to fund more policing in Essex. However, once again I will reiterate that the funding from policing should come from central government through a progressive tax system that means those who can afford to pay a little more do so rather than putting the burden on those on lower income by raising council tax.

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4 Comments for Harlow Labour leader unimpressed by possibility of Tory crime council tax hike:

Pauline S
2021-11-03 12:54:54

I'm not a supporter of any political party but what Chris Vince says is quite convincing! Being a pensioner on low income comprising a normal state pension and a never increasing small (under £1 a day) private addition, any increase above about 2% means I am worse off. I recommend that all pensioners always work out percentage increases as this is a good bargaining point that usually gains a reduction with private companies. It is different with any government as they do not have any competition to contend with.Pauline

Eileen Davidson
2021-11-03 20:09:53

Chris Vince is absolutely correct. Local people are being asked to pay for national government cuts - yet again! We are paying tax twice for no extra service!

Dave Jones
2021-11-04 14:38:42

The Tories have destroyed Policing in this country. “private” security firms operate now and I can see a market for it in Harlow soon enough to help the residents as there just is not enough officers to deal with all the crime.

2021-11-06 06:54:57

We shouldnt pay anymore for any service more money should be provided by goverment but the councils have to play their part and pay their part more houses = more people = more crime. But lets not forget the damage blair and brown did to this country opened our doors to the world without doing back ground checks on most who was coming here and once here they could claim a right to family life even when they killed our own which is a disgrace. Labour left us with no money left lets not forget that everytime labour get in through out history they leave us in a mess then we have to go through years of pain to repair the damage then labour get in and do the same again. Didnt the corbin cult talk of dispanding the police??..

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