Burnt Mill students search for Jack the Ripper

Burnt Mill Academy / Thu 9th Dec 2021 am31 10:08am

EIGHTY Burnt Mill History students went on a tour to visit the sites where Jack the Ripper carried out his crimes during the late 1800s.  

Amy Collins, History teacher at Burnt Mill Academy said:  “There are currently over 150 Year 10 pupils studying the topic, so we were pleased that we were able to offer the trip to a majority of students and all who applied to go on the trip.”  

“They were taken to the sites where the victims fell and were given information on who they were. Students were also able to see the area for themselves and hear about what the conditions were like for the people who lived there at the time in the 1800s. Some of the original building work still stand today, including the Four Percent Dwelling estate where at least one of his victims were known to have lived.”  

Sami, who is one of the students studying GCSE History, explained how he found the trip useful for his studies into the topic:  

He said: “Jack the Ripper has been a topic we have been learning about since Year 9 and due to taking part in the trip to Whitechapel, we became more motivated through seeing the sites where he committed the murders. This enhanced the learning experience.”   

“The sites were important because it was where the murders took place and it is a prominent part of UK history.”  
Fellow GCSE History student, Ervis, recounted the environment of the Whitechapel area where they visited:

“We learned what it was like to live in Whitechapel during the period when Jack the Ripper was active. Conditions were poor, the living spaces were very tight and there was hardly any room. Trips to locations like this help me get a better understanding of what I am learning.” 

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