A very busy term for pupils at Abbotsweld and Latton Green primaries

Abbotsweld Primary Academy / Wed 12th Jan 2022 am31 07:33am

IT has been a fantastic first term, of the academic year, for both Abbotsweld and Latton Green- part of NET Academies Trust.

We welcomed nursery and reception children to our communities. They have all settled well and through our environments progressed as a whole child. Not only focussing on our formal learning- phonics and numbers 0-10 but also engaging in experiences such as ‘Tiger Tea Parties’, welcoming in ‘Mystery Readers’ to the classrooms, supporting the correct use of our cutlery and so much more…

In year 1 and 2 pupils have continued to use concrete materials to support their learning such as numicon and diennes in maths, talking postcards in English, artefacts in history and techonology such a Thinglink.

One of the stand of units was definitely learning about toys and hobbies in the past. The children experienced some of the hobbies such as; marbles, hopscotch and flower pressing, as well as having the opportunity to play with toys from the past like; Jaxs, cup and ball, spinning tops and yoyos.

The children asked many questions in order to explore the past through human resources. We looked at how technology has impacted hobbies, and how lots of our current hobbies involve technology and being indoors. We also looked at how some original outdoor hobbies such as tennis can now be played indoors using technology.

        Exploring seasons          Number line addition              Posting letters

Year 3 and 4 have been busy in food technology lessons- exploring, evaluating, designing and creating their own healthy and balanced sandwich. The sensory evaluation included appearance, taste, smell and texture! The food based learning did not stop there…

In science when investigating different rock types; such as metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. They worked as scientists to uncover the rocks different properties and made the different rock types out of chocolate!
TT Rockstars has been a big hit across the school, but even more so in year 3 and 4. The battles have been intense within the classes, schools and even across the trust!

  DT Sandwich Making            Children In Need Dress Up Day        Japanese Wagara Patterns

And at the oldest end of the school the children have thoroughly enjoyed developing their history knowledge and expanding on their geographical skills.

In Religion and Worldviews, some of the children have been looking at, ‘The Jewish Home’, and have been learning and investigating what Kosher means to the Jewish community. They then worked as part of a team to sort different food types into non-kosher and kosher foods. 

In Design and Technology the children researched, investigated, designed and made their own electronic board game. As part of the process the children worked together to connect different components to make a circuit, using a switch, lightbulbs, batteries and wires. The knowledge they have gained from this they will transfer into their own design for a board game. It was wonderful to see the children working so intently as a team.

              Collaboration in class            TTRS Battle Winner            PE Focus

We look forward to sharing another successful term with Harlow soon!

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