When a Harlow MP saved thousands of child refugees

Harlow is 70: Why I Came Here / Sun 6th Mar 2022 at 01:50pm

LEAH Manning was MP for Harlow between 1945 and 1951. The constituency was called Epping but it covered the Harlow area.

Her work as an MP, as a teacher and as a feminist is legendary.

But as we read of the war in Ukraine and the vast amount of refugees fleeing their homeland, this is an important time to remember her work in helping thousands of children escape from the bombs in the Spanish Civil War.

It is why there is a square in Bilbao named after a Harlow MP

The full article is in the link below.


With thanks to David Foreman.

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3 Comments for When a Harlow MP saved thousands of child refugees:

2022-03-06 21:25:47

So what does the current government do in comparison? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/ukraine-refugees-priti-patel-visas-b2029731.html "As few as 50 visas have been issued for Ukraine refugees to come to the UK, it has emerged, as the crisis was labelled Europe’s worst since the Second World War." So good to see that this governemnt has it priorities. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/evgeny-lebedev-intelligence-and-security-committee-yvette-cooper-boris-johnson-lord-b2029753.html

2022-03-07 16:11:50

What we were like as a country then and what we are like now are miles apart. We now have an immigrant who has introduced policies that would stop her own mum and dad from getting into the country. We have people who read the Sun, Telegraph, Express and Daily Mail to get their opinions. They have been told all immigrants are scroungers and cheats. In reality they are more hard working and law abiding than the current corrupt Russian funded Government. As for housing and other needs, they come to work here and pay taxes that fund that. The biggest threat to our services isn't the thousands of pounds that's required for immigrants it's the billions of pounds that is avoided by billionaires. - like the ones that own the newspapers people read.

2022-03-22 09:02:57

A brilliant article with some incredibly brave people that resonates significantly with all that is going on in Ukraine. As a long term resident of Harlow I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know anything about Leah Manning. Thank you for posting

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